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Why You Need To Start Pruning Your Trees

Trees are known to add value to landscape as well as providing oxygen. They provide a home for animals and enhance the beauty of a property. To ensure trees are properly taken care of, you have to prune them. Pruning is done to ensure safety of people. Dead branches are known to cause damage to buildings, power lines and people. Maintaining a tree by removing dangerous limbs is vital. If you don’t know how to prune a tree, it is important to consult an expert for guidance. Read on to see the benefits and importance of tree pruning.

First, pruning is important for continual growth of trees. Proper pruning is essential for ideal growth of limbs and branches. Improper weight distribution is the main reason for falling of branches, this is why pruning is vital. It improves the look of a tree and makes it grow in the desired structure. Many people prune trees during fall or winter. The likelihood of trees getting damaged during this time is very low. Trees also get affected by stress just like any other creature. Trees are usually dormant during fall or winter. Less sap is lost and insects and fungus don’t cause more damage to trees. There are different approaches used to trim different trees, what works for one tree might not work well for another. If you have any doubts about the best time to prune trees, you can contact a professional arborist for guidance.

Make sure you don’t prune too much off a tree. Make sure you don’t exceed more than a quarter of the crown. This is because most leaves are located there and the tree gets most of its energy from the crown. Too much pruning can cause extensive damage of a tree and stunting of its growth. Pruning infested or dead branches helps save the tree as well as money that could have been used to replace it. If you want to promote new growth, you can prune aggressively the parts that are overgrown. Make sure you prune tree branches that are hanging close to your house. If they happen to break during a storm, they could cause damage to your property.

Also, tree pruning is essential to improve pedestrian flow and traffic. Extended branches can blind ones vision making walking and biking difficult at the sidewalks. Weak limbs can break causing damage to passersby. It can be hard for drivers to notice traffic signs when overgrown tree limbs block them. This in turn leads to distraction of traffic and also accidents. Pruning trees also, reduces chances of leaves diseases by increasing the flow of air on the canopy. Pruning ensures that grass and shrubs keep growing. Larger trees create excessive shade that slow the growth of grass and shrubs. If you use the wrong technique when pruning you can cause damage to the tree.

What Research About Trees Can Teach You

What Research About Trees Can Teach You