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A Quick Look at the Various Types of Business Phone Systems

Phone call remains to be the fastest way for business to connect with their customers. As such, having a reliable phone system is crucial for any business. Long time back, phone calls were only in analog format. Digital and virtual systems are now available as a result of technological progress. The increased options have made it a bit difficult to choose the best system Private branch exchange or PBX is a phone network used within premises. The users of the PBX phone systems also have lines that can connect to external calls. The external phone calls are carried out of the Public switched telephone.

At sometimes back in history, the PBX system was only possible for the large enterprises. In the progress of time, the cost of installation and the running cost has reduced drastically.AThis has opened the window for more enterprises to invest in the same. of the basic features of the PBX include the welcome message, automatically call distribution, call holding, call conferencing, call records and contact directory. The features will differ from one system to another. There are features that you find in one system and not the other.

The traditional PBX system which is analog is installed in your premises as physical exchange box. It may seem to have a higher upfront cost though it reduces drastically with increased ports. A phone box connects all phone lines. A certified engineer is required to fix issues with the system if they arise.As, such, the system is also expensive to maintain. Companies that do have the traditional PBX system often prefer to have their PBX system. This gives the company full ownership of the hardware. If your business has more than one building; the traditional PBX will serve you well just like a virtual system.

There is also the choice of the Hosted PBX. Improving or changing the features of this system is as easy as downloading a plugin on your browser. It is a service solution since the telephone service provider hosts the PBX box. They do not require an in-house IT expert to manage the hardware making the best choice for small businesses.

The third type of phone system is the VoIP/IP PBX system that delivers video and call over a data network. It changes the voice/video into data and sends it over networks as packets of data. Use of networks to send data is a very effective way of reducing the cost of international and distant call. Another benefit is the reduction of the overheads of the traditional line rentals. IP PBX solution can switch calls between VoIP and traditional phone lines without limiting the functionality of the traditional phone system. The difference with hosted solution is that the business owns the PBX box.

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