3 Common Questions About Broadway Theater Etiquette

Many social events have their own etiquette and expectations for the attendees. Broadway theater is no exception. If this is your first time attending a show, you may have several questions about these rules. Read about some of these most common questions so you can make a great first impression and enhance the experience for yourself and everyone else.

1. What Should I Wear?

This is not opera at an expensive venue, so do not wear a tuxedo or a formal dress. However, this is also a special event, so you should treat it like one. The best bet is to dress in business casual. Wear clothes that are comfortable, but that you only wear at particular events such as work parties. Ultimately, go to the theater with clean clothing that covers most of your body.

2. Should I Sing Along?

Catchy and memorable songs are a guarantee, especially if you go to the best nyc broadway shows. But everyone paid their tickets to listen to the performers, not the voices of the audience members. Practice self-discipline and avoid singing or humming the production’s music. It will help you enjoy the songs and it is considerate to other audience members. The only exception to this rule is if it is a sing-along production that encourages audience participation.

3. May I Eat During the Performance?

Enjoying snacks and drinks during a theater performance has become normalized over the last few decades. Still, each theater has different rules about snacks, so inform yourself ahead of time. If you can eat inside, support the venue and buy from the concession stand. Also, practice common-sense measures like unwrapping candies and eating crunchy foods before the show starts and picking up after yourself.

Attending Broadway shows is not a formal activity, but there are some unspoken rules you need to follow. Sticking to these norms helps you and others enjoy the productions as they are meant to be experienced.