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A Brief History on Paul Marciano

The path of Paul Marciano was in Morocco back in 1952. The roots of his family can be traced back to the Jewish culture although he spent most of his childhood in Marseille, France. Most of the male figures in the life of Paul Marciano had distinctions in the Jewish culture with the great-grandfather, grandfather and the father having the titles of rabbis according to the Jewish. Paul Marciano had four siblings, and they attributed most of their lives in the synagogue complex.

The age of 15 is very memorable for Paul Marciano as it marked a trajectory in his life. He and his friend were involved in a motorcycle accident that was a head-on collision with an oncoming car. Paul Marciano had a difficulty of the limbs that sold the medical practitioners recommending him to a wheelchair where he stayed for a long time without the hope of walking ever again. Paul Marciano, however, fought his battles and was able to get back on his feet but this was too late for his studies, and it, therefore, had to go back to Israel.

His family owned a clothing line that is named Maurice Georges Armand, and this was his springboard to the clothing industry. Having some few shops in the French Riviera, Maurice Georges Armand was by the successful business.

Most of the insight in California, the Marciano brothers, came from there trip to California during the 1977 extended leave that depended on their desire to see a lot of business prospects at hand. It did not take long before the Marciano’s started a business in California relating to clothing and fashion as this led to the formation of Guess Inc. which has remained to be a solid pillar to today. They later allied with Nakash brothers giving them 50% stake of the company to have a more influential role the clothing infection industries in the size of America. Incidences of fraud were however uncovered after some time on the part of the Nakash brothers as they do not deal faithfully with the Marciano brothers on the side of the partnership agreement. There was a decision to separate brands in Guess Inc. between the two sets of brothers to resolve the issues. The two brands were mainly “diesel” and “gasoline” divided between the Marciano and the Nakash brothers respectively.

It was a successful rise to leadership for Mr. Paul Marciano as he was in the company of Guess Inc. where he gained influence from the advertising manager to the chief operating officer. In August 2015, Paul Marciano resigned from being the chief executive officer of Guess Inc., and he was left with the executive chairman and the chief creative officer.

In his position as a chief creative officer, Paul Marciano so many perspectives of art that inspired his soul. This leading further to our nonprofit entity called Maurice and Paul Art Foundation.

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